Tribe Training Videos – Subscription Box

Creating Subscription Boxes with Angie Bauer

WEEK 1 – November 6th @ 10am – Subscription Box Training w/Angie Bauer


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Training Takeaways:

  • Sub boxes can be sent out on a seasonal basis or a monthly basis.
  • Choose something that you are passionate about to include in your box & keep it simple.
  • Include ideas for how to use the contents of your box.
  • Price according to your audience & offering.  Under $50 is the rule of thumb, BUT you do you!
  • Don’t forget to factor in the labor included in processing and sending out the box.
  • Don’t start with a branded box.  Purchase plain boxes and add your branding with stickers, tape, filler packaging, etc.
  • Keep your dimensions in mind when getting a box because those will determine your shipping cost.
  • Look on Amazon for affordable boxing options.
  • Have a solid launch date that allows for the pre-work to be done.

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