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The Art of Painting Furniture

Want to learn how to expertly repair and paint any piece of furniture from the comfort of your couch?

Maybe it started with an old dresser that needed fixing up…

Or you realized your coffee table could use a fresh coat of paint…

Or the wheels started turning with ideas for those old dining room chairs your Mother gave you…

And then that first project turned into 10, and now you’re a little addicted to painting furniture…

You lay awake at night fantasizing about that perfectly painted piece that’ll have your family and friends swooning…

Because you’ll be able to utter those three magic words:


What if I told you there was a place where you could learn all the latest and greatest techniques in painting furniture right from the comfort of your very own sofa? 

Where you could be guided through expertly crafted finishes at your own pace… as many times as you need?

Where monthly you receive new information, tools, and ideas?

Well, my fellow paint – obsessed friend, I’ve gotcha covered! This place exists, and it’s called…

The Art Of Painting Furniture

Meet the Creator and Artist of Do Dodson Designs

Learn how to paint furniture in The Art Of Painting Furniture Video Library.

Hi, I’m Do and painting furniture is more than just a hobby. In fact, it has quite literally saved my life on many occasions as it’s become both my therapy and my business. I’ve found so much joy in teaching other men and women while watching them succeed in painting their own furniture. 

  • What if you could paint pieces that looked like belonged in a display window of a boutique?
  • What if you could take your passion to the next level and go beyond basic skills?
  • What if you could always be the first to learn new finishes to add to your already thriving furniture painting business?
  • What if you could break through your creator’s block and uncover some fresh ideas?
  • What if you could start making REAL money with your passion for painting furniture?

Here's a sneak peek of what you will learn in The Art Of Painting Furniture

  • Metallic Paint

  • Decor Transfers

  • Decoupage Paper

  • Wet Distressing

  • Wax Finishes

  • Grunge Finishes

  • Decor Moulds

  • Shading

  • Paint Blending

  • Metal Leafing

  • Aged Patina

  • Painted Fabric

  • Stencils

  • Highlighting

  • Gilding Wax

  • Weathered Finishes


And every month you’ll get a new furniture painting Tutorial!

Plus – sharing all my tips and tricks with you! The whole sha-bang!

The best part? You can join The Art Of Painting Furniture for just $27 today! As long as you remain a member, you will have access to all of my tutorials and can re-watch them as many times as you want. $27 a month is all you will ever pay. Your subscription auto-renews every month that you remain a member. 

Don’t go yet… I still want to help you if you need me. 👇👇👇